Art & Culture

Patmos, Dodecanese
c u l t u r e

Since the first day of its operation in 2011, “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa” hotel, acknowledging the crucial contribution of culture to the healthy development of the touristic identity of Patmos, set at the heart of its operation the promotion and development of every form of art.  Its annual cultural activities are divided into three basic categories.  The first is related to the active participation in the organization, promotion and mostly the support of the local festivals of Patmos, such as the International Film Festival, the gastronomical Festival of Taste and Tradition and the Sacred Music Festival.  Inviting artists, journalists and other important guests, organizing events in its establishments and serving meals is only a few of the amenities that our contribution to the Festivals includes.

The second pillar of the cultural activities is about our collaboration with the nonprofit organization “ΤΕΧΝΗ ART PATMOS” and the cultural society “Patmos of colours”, to which we also offer our hotel establishments for their concerts, meetings, performances, and every kind of events.  Lastly, the third category includes the organization of solo exhibitions of artists from Greece or abroad, some of which under cooperation with famous art galleries.  Art exhibitions of renowned and promising painters, art installations and exhibitions of sculpture are only a few of the events that have taken place in our hotel during the last years.  In addition, book presentations, concerts of various kinds of music, such as classical and jazz, and theatrical performances also take place in our establishments.

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