Social events at “Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa”

Patmos, Dodecanese
e v e n t s

«Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa” offers the most appropriate and enchanting scenery, where every important personal event will be transformed into an unforgettable life experience. Naturally idyllic, the Grikos Bay, adds a romantic touch to the traditionally Greek painted with blue and white colors view.  The guests may use the elegant conference room, the “Apocalypsis” restaurant, the seaside area of the bar, or just the sandy beach of our hotel for the needs of their social event (wedding, wedding reception, christening, formal dinner, birthday party, seaside cocktail party etc.)  Whatever choice you make, our experienced team will decorate the area with imaginative and creative ways that fit the occasion.

Our helpful and discreet staff in collaboration with professional event planners, guarantee a successful result.  Every social event, may be supported with various choices of food, either cold finger food, or a buffet, or even a specially arranged menu.  Also, the wellness establishments of the “Anasa Wellness & Spa” provide all the necessary services that will help you to enjoy even more your special personal moment, such as nail treatment, haircut, professional make-up and also, body and facial therapies for immediate invigoration.

  • Personalized menus
  • Kids menu and children’s activities
  • Personalized wedding decoration
  • Wedding cake
  • Champagne tasting for the couple
  • Set of sound and projection systems
  • Ability to choose the music program, a DJ or a live band
  • Decoration of indoor or outdoor areas
  • Free parking for your guests
  • A discount package for the reservation of a number of hotel rooms for your guests
  • Professional bridal makeup
  • Professional hairstyling and nail treatment
  • Spa establishments and wedding packages with special invigoration treatments
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