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In ancient times, "φιλοξενία" (philoxenia) was considered a moral duty of any Greek towards the Gods. This word derives from the verb “φιλώ” which in ancient Greek language means “love”, and the noun “ξένος” (guest). Therefore, philoxenia means love for guests. In general, a guest in the ancient times was considered a respectable and sacred person, and for that whoever broke the rules of philoxenia was severely punished by the Olympian Gods. The basic responsibilities of the owner of the house was to receive and behave properly to the guests, offer food, bed and bath, and treat them with farewell gifts so that their bonding will become even stronger.

Of course, apart from all of these responsibilities, philoxenia had also some more binding moral traits. For instance, philoxenia should be offered to any guest, regardless of their social status. Also, the owner of the house had to show respect to everyone, and any use of violence was forbidden. Inspired by the meaning of “philoxenia” in ancient times, our vision is to continue the Greek tradition, and evolve it, so that in present times we will be able to become true promoters of the ancient Greek philoxenia. In a world that constantly changes, it is necessary that certain things should remain intact.

he purpose of the Divine Hotels group is to always offer offer inviting and inspiring places to all travelers. Our values are the main guide of this mission of ours:

Courtesy matters

Anything we do begin and ends with courtesy. Remain polite under any circumstances is the key to a respectable behavior.

Open horizons

We persist on keeping the Group open to anyone that wants to cross the threshold, either is a traveler or an employee. Nationality, gender, social status or any other distinction makes no difference to us. We accept all “guests” in the exact same way our ancient Greek ancestors did.

Sustainable development

We respect the environment; we respect the places where our business operates by regularly supporting the local communities through sponsorship, or by helping any person in need. We develop together, we sustainably develop.

Memorable customer service

We are passionate about fulfilling our customers’ needs and for that we provide a personalized experience of high quality services.

Lifelong learning

We are motivated to learn and constantly evolve.


We are honest, hard-working and trustworthy; our actions never conceal a bad intention.

Divine Hotels Group